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Seamless Solutions

At Arcoteq, we provide a variety of industrial coatings and cladding services, as well as machining services, all done by our in-house technical team. We pride ourselves on helping you reduce downtime and lead time while offering you best-in-class coating and cladding services that enhance rollers and machined parts.

Industrial Coatings

We apply all types of polymer and thermal spray coatings to a wide variety of parts to enhance and protect surface properties.

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Machined Parts

We manufacture new and repair old, job shop and production run parts using our wide range of capabilities. Our engineering team stands ready to support you.

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Downhole and Pump and Valve

We manufacture, rebuild and apply coatings to extends the life of downhole tool components and pump and valves.

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Value-Added Services

Additional services and capabilities outside of, or in addition to, traditional offerings .

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Repair and Testing Services

Our research and engineering lab possess a wide range of analytical tools and measurement to assist in identifying root cause issues; critical in developing customized solutions to problems.

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Fabrication and Design

We are skilled in the design, modification and execution off fabrication projects through the use of our welding and machining expertise.

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Industries We Serve

The manufacturers we serve come from a wide variety of industries and market segments. Find your industry to see how we can advance your processes with our proven solutions.

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